School Life

Was the start,
Of a new life,
My School life.

I have enrolled,
To take,
Business Management,
From Herzing College,
Here in Ottawa.

In doing this,
I promise,
To do my best,
Each day,
Always work hard,
In my ways.

I want,
The days ahead,
To please me,
Make me proud,
Move away,
From the storm clouds.

My work,
Will not,
Be a mess,
I want it,
To be neat,
So that,
I am happy,
When everything,
Everything’s complete.

I will do,
My best to,
Complete my homework,
And promise,
To do my best on tests,
So that,
Everything is,
Done to the best.

In the end,
This way,
When I finish,
It will all be great,
And I will have finished,
Completed all,
That was on my plate.

By bharatiauglay08

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