Take one more step

Take one more step,

Each day,

You will be,

On your right way.


Take one more step,

Don’t wait,

To do what you want,

See it and create.


Take one more step,

To reach that goal,

Close your eyes,

See it as a whole.


Take one more step,

And be proud,

When you are done,

You can shout out loud.


Take one more step,

To reach for the stars,

You will see,

They are not that far.
Take one more step,

See your dream,

It is not as hard,

As it may seem.
Take one more step,

To make life great,

So that,

You have cleaned off your plate.


Take one more step,

So you can shine,

Just to see,

You are in line.


Take one more step,

To do your part,

And make sure,

It came from your heart.

By bharatiauglay08

School Life

Was the start,
Of a new life,
My School life.

I have enrolled,
To take,
Business Management,
From Herzing College,
Here in Ottawa.

In doing this,
I promise,
To do my best,
Each day,
Always work hard,
In my ways.

I want,
The days ahead,
To please me,
Make me proud,
Move away,
From the storm clouds.

My work,
Will not,
Be a mess,
I want it,
To be neat,
So that,
I am happy,
When everything,
Everything’s complete.

I will do,
My best to,
Complete my homework,
And promise,
To do my best on tests,
So that,
Everything is,
Done to the best.

In the end,
This way,
When I finish,
It will all be great,
And I will have finished,
Completed all,
That was on my plate.

By bharatiauglay08