Four Seasons

I am glad,
We have four seasons.

In Spring,
We can see pretty flowers,
That blossom,
With the showers.
The colours are many,
I love to look at them,
Nice to see plenty.

In Summer,
We get the warm sun,
Big, bright and red,
Rises as the day has begun.
A time for a swim,
If it gets real hot,
That is always a win.

In Winter,
We can see the snow,
Fluffy and white,
Often shines and glows.
This is a happy time,
When family comes,
And everyone dines.

In Fall,
We have different leaves,
In Orange, Yellow and Red,
The appearance brings relief.
The air is crisp and new,
And the sky,
Is nice and blue.

I love each season,
Each is great and special,
And each gives us new reasons.

By bharatiauglay08

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