Friends Forever

I have friends,
Great, dear friends,
That will be with me,
Like family,
Till the end.

I have friends,
Who are kind,
They are like,
No other kind.

I have friends,
With whom I can share,
Things dear to me,
They are people,
Who I can’t compare.

I have friends,
Who see me,
As who I am,
Those are the kind,
We all need,
For they’re not a scam.

I have friends,
I can count on,
When I need a friend,
They’re the ones,
I call upon.

I have friends,
Who allow me to see,
Life as a whole,
In my heart,
They play a special role.

I have friends,
Who are the best,
They help me,
Figure out things,
At times,
When I am stressed.

I have friends,
When I think of them,
My days just shine,
As when I close my eyes,
I can see them in my mind.

I have friends,
Who are with me,
Through thick and thin,
These are the best friends,
That we all need within.

I have friends,
That will be mine forever,
And they are,
The friends that I treasure.

By bharatiauglay08

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