A Rose

I am sending you a rose,

Because you show me respect,

Instead of reject.


I am sending you a rose,

Because you show me you care,

Probably more than you are aware.


I am sending you a rose,

For the sweet things you say,

To me,

Each night and each day.
I am sending you a rose,

For you always understand,

And lend me, a helping hand.


I am sending you a rose,

It is the way I think of you,

Because with you,

I always feel so true.


I am sending you a rose,

To let you know you are great,

It is more than, I can relate.


I am sending you a rose,

For the way you make me feel,

It is something, I can’t conceal.


I am sending you a rose,

Because you are dear to my heart,

And when I remember a rose,

Then I never feel apart.

By bharatiauglay08

Don’t Quit

When things go wrong,
Try to stay strong.
If you trudge up a hill,
Try to find your thrill.

If you need a brake,
Perhaps bake a cake.
If you need to rest,
Go ahead,
Just don’t get depressed.

We all have our times,
When we don’t seem prime.
But we shouldn’t quit,
We can still make it.

Life has twists and turns,
It is how we all learn.
Don’t give up,
It won’t be enough.

We need to stay strong,
As this doesn’t prolong.
Give life your best hit,
And remember not to quit.

By bharatiauglay08

Keep Your Head Up High

Keep your head up high,
And you can fly.

You can overcome,
Obstacles that come,
Your way.
Especially when,
You go out and try.

Just open that door,
Go out there and soar.
Look at yourself and say,
Today will be a beautiful day.

It only takes one person,
To make this change,
And with you,
That can be arranged.

You deserve,
The best,
So I hope,
You never,
Settle for less.

Is the key,
Will set you free.

By bharatiauglay08

Health and Happiness

With each day,

With each sunrise,

With each sunset,

I have my health,

Health and Happiness.


Different places,

I have visited,

People I have met,

They have what they need,

Shelter, Family, Health, and Happiness,

So I too,

I have my health,

Health and Happiness.


When I see a rainbow,

With all the different colours,

It makes the sky beautiful,

And it makes me happy,

I look at that and realize,

I have my health,

Health and Happiness.


As the day gets dark,

I look up to the sky,

I see the stars,

They twinkle bright,

Everything is so pretty,

Pretty and peaceful,

I know I too,

I can be this way,

I have my health,

Health and Happiness.

By bharatiauglay08

A New Baby

A New Baby

A new baby,
What a delight,
To bring you,
Days that are bright.

A new baby,
To teach right and wrong,
These days and the journey,
Will be lifelong.

A new baby,
To add to your place,
This new child,
Is one to embrace.

A new baby,
Who will bring a new presence,
From now,
Until he or she is an adolescent.

A new baby,
To bring you joy and love,
Cause he or she,
Is a gift from above.

By bharatiauglay08

Being You

Being You

Never stop being you,
Never stop shining,
Never stop being special,
Never forget storms will pass,
Remember better days are up ahead,
Remember brighter tomorrows are coming your way,
They are always near,
You are enough,
You are great the way you are,
You are strong,
You are you,
And being you is important,
Never stop being you.

By bharatiauglay08