In the beginning,

You were a hand to hold,

You took care of me,

When I was sick with a cold.


The years went on,

And days went by,

You would comfort me,

When I would cry.


As I was growing up,

You came and held me,

I am sure it became hard,

For you to set me free.


Now we are six hours away,

I can always phone you,

Because you are my Mom,

And are very special too.


I want to thank you,

For all that you have done,

I am sure it wasn’t easy,

In the long run.


I am so glad,

That you are my Mother,

You are unique,

And unlike no other.


Mom you have,

Helped me each day,

In so many,

Different ways.


I know thank you,

It is not enough,

As your job,

Is very tough.


So Mom,

Please know I love you,

And this feeling,

Will always stay true.

By bharatiauglay08