The world you are in.
The world you are in.
The world you are in.
The world you are in.
The world you are in.
At the world you are in.
Be Happy,
For the world that you are in.

By bharatiauglay08



Make Time,
Time to heal,
Do things you love,
Take a bubble bath,
Sing in the shower,
Pet a puppy,
Hold a baby,
Have a pajama day,
Eat pizza,
It slips by you fast,
So do it now,
Do it today.

By bharatiauglay08




It fades,


It changes,


It has surprises,


It challenges you,


You can have rainy days,


You can have cloudy days,


You can have sunny days,


We never know what to expect,


But hope for the best,


Keep your doors open,


Breathe in the fresh air,


Have an open heart,


Have an open mind,


Be ready,


Open your arms,


Wide and smile,


There are so many new opportunities,


Look on the bright side.

By bharatiauglay08

New people

New people.

We go along in life,

New people,

Cross our paths,

Some of whom,

Memories will last.

We meet new people,

Some with great character,

Some with charm and laughter.

Some are very kind,

They will hold a close bind.

Some bring us pleasure,

This we will always treasure.

Some we will remember

And hold in our hearts forever.

They teach us a lesson,

As they are with us for a reason.

By bharatiauglay08

Why not?

Why Not

Don’t focus on what’s wrong,

Why not focus on what’s right.

Don’t focus on the bad,

Why not focus on what is good.

Don’t focus on things you don’t have,

Why not focus on what you do have.

Don’t focus on the negative,

Why not focus on the positive.

Don’t focus on why things are hard,

Why not focus on how to make them happen.

Don’t focus things that don’t exist,

Why not focus on what does exist.

Don’t focus on why you are not happy,

Why not focus on what makes you happy.

By bharatiauglay08

The Wind.

The Wind.

I feel the wind,
It relaxes me.

I smell the wind,

It makes me calm.

I hear the wind,

It makes me happy.

I catch the wind,

It helps me.

I taste the wind,

It gives me courage.

I see the wind,

It makes me feel loved.

By bharatiauglay08




Give someone a hug,

Not a shrug.

Give someone a kiss,

Not a fist.

Give someone delight,

Not a bite.

Give someone a smile,

Don’t be hostile.

Give someone a shine,

So they won’t wine.

Give someone a cheer,

Not a fear.
Today be a person,

Who is great,

Then you’ll fall in place.

By bharatiauglay08

If you don’t…

If you don’t

If you don’t,

Believe it,

It won’t exist.

If you don’t,

Try hard,

It won’t come.

If you don’t,

Go after,

You won’t have it.

If you don’t,

Ask for it,
The answer will be no.

If you don’t,

Take that first step,

You will never move forward.

If you don’t

Realize your strengths,

You won’t be stronger.

If you don’t,

Give yourself a challenge,

You will remain the same.

If you don’t,

Find a way,

It will never happen.

By bharatiauglay08

See it and believe.

See it and believe,

See what,

Is in your mind.

See the places,

That you desire to visit.

See the quotes,

In books you read.

See the roads,

As you walk along.
See the dreams,

That will one day come true.

See the good,

That is out there.

See your destiny,

And make it happen.

See these things,

Believe them,

And make them come true.

By bharatiauglay08

Find a way.

Find a way

Find a way,

To heal,

Not harm.

Find a way,

To love,

Not hate.

Find a way,

To create,

Not destroy.

Find a way,

To appreciate,

Not complain.

Find a way,

To be good,

Not bad.

Find a way,

To help,

Not ignore.

Find a way

To be kind,

Not mean.

Find a way,

To be remembered,

Not forgotten.

By bharatiauglay08