Christmas at IEC

Set out, made our way,
Good start to the day,
Off to church, we went,
For a nice event.

Weather was nice,
Food was right,
Gifts to choose,
No hints or clues.

Good time enjoyed,
Hearts filled with joy,
Today I say thank you,
It was a time so true.

A great job was done,
We all had fun,
Thanks Jamie and Brandon,
For making it happen.

By bharatiauglay08


Seoul you are great for a visit,
Because you are so explicit.

I love to see the temples,
And try different samples.

You have such a charm,
Usually you do no harm.

Always need to spend money there,
But the amount, I need to be aware.

Happy to be home in the end,
See you next time, Seoul, my friend.

By bharatiauglay08


Today while I taught,

A little shiver went through me,

I was cold than I imagined I’d be.


The room was like ice,

Yet windows were still open,

Slowly I felt frozen.


I tried to dance and warm up,

I may have looked silly,

Anything not to be chilly.


I wore a blanket around my waist,

And then slowly felt warmer,

May have been a performer.


Tomorrow is a new day,

I hope it will be better,

Will try to wear a warmer sweater.

By bharatiauglay08

Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate,
A nice warm drink,
Can’t become extinct

Hot Chocolate,
In a nice mug,
Warms me up.

Hot Chocolate,
Great in winter time,
It can’t be a crime.

Hot Chocolate,
For me, and you,
It is so true.

Hot Chocolate,
Often perfect for me,
I am sure you will agree.

By bharatiauglay08



When I wake up,
I want to be happy,
I want to smile,
I want to jump,
I want to scream,
Scream for joy,
Then when I sleep,
I want to be happy,
Happy I enjoyed the day,
Made it the best,
The best I could,
And be happy that,
Time was well spent.
Enjoy each day,
As much as you can.

By bharatiauglay08



There is no place,
Like home.
There is no food,
Like Mom’s.
There are no clothes,
Like my own.
There is no love,
Like that from my family.
There is no comfort,
Like being loved.
There is no happiness,
Like the one you give yourself.

By bharatiauglay08



Many things to realize,
Realize you can be strong,
You can change what goes on.

Realize your strength,
To do what is right,
No need to fight.

Realize your beauty,
Just as you are,
You are a star.

Realize your wisdom,
You have a lot to achieve,
Don’t be deceived.

Realize your possesions,
For you have a lot,
See it in your thoughts.

Realize who you are,
You can do what as you wish,
Realize it, notto be dismissed.


By bharatiauglay08

The World


The world it awaits you,
It helps you get through.

The world has a lot to offer,
Enjoy it, it may be a shocker.

The world, so much beauty,
Savour it, make it your duty.

The world, it can tell you a lot,
So sit back and be taught.

By bharatiauglay08

Dinner Idea

Dinner Idea

The other night for dinner,
My husband cooked up a storm,
He called it meat mess and corn.

At first we weren’t sure of the turn out,
But when we tried it, we liked it,
Something we will try again, it was a hit.

We tried it out with our new oven,
Cooked the meat in a circular pot,
Really turned out better than I would’ve thought.

So now we have a new dinner idea,
To enjoy here in Korea,
A nice change from the local pizzerias.

By bharatiauglay08

Be Strong


Be Strong,
During good times and bad,
Helps you not feel sad.

Be strong,
Try not to give up,
You still have luck.

Be strong,
Things will improve,
You will be in a good mood.

Be strong,
Keep your head high,
You are giving it a good try.

Be strong,
You have done nothing wrong,
You can find your song.

Be strong,
Life has so much to offer,
You can still prosper.

Be strong,
Close your eyes and feel,
Then you can see the deal.

By bharatiauglay08