The Little Things in Life

The Little Things in Life…

Appreciate the little things in life,
There are so many,
We have the little critters,
The flowers,
The nice weather,
The leaves on trees,
A roof above our head,
Food on our table,
A family who gives us love,
Friends who are always there for us,
And so much more,
Really what more can we ask for.

By bharatiauglay08

An idea…

If you have an idea,
Do it today,
Not tomorrow,
Tomorrow may be too late,
No day is as good as today,
After all it was thought of today,
So why not do it today,
Today is a great day.

By bharatiauglay08

A story of compassion

A story of compassion.

This is a story of compassion,
Last Sunday while roaming the streets,
My husband and I heard crying not far from us,
While out on one of our walks.

We could not ignore it,
It was strong,
Someone or something needed help,
We had to try and help.

So we walked closer to where we heard the sound,
Much to our surprise we found a small kitten,
He was in a green crate,
And asking for help.

He was very small,
And probably very hungry,
Scared too we assumed,
We couldn’t ignore him.

My husband picked him up,
Cleaned him as best he could,
Then I went to get milk,
So we could feed him.

But the kitten was so small,
Didn’t know how to drink milk from a bowl,
So we took him home,
Fed him with a medicine dropper.

Monday he went to the vet,
Vet said he was in good health,
Made us happy to know,
Felt so good to help this little thing.

However at home,
We already have a 7 year old cat,
She is the queen,
She did not like this little guy.

He was taking her place,
It was sad to see them not get along,
So we asked some friends to take him,
Plus he was a baby and a lot to care for.

After two days,we found someone,
My kind friend Candice offered to take him,
He is now in her care,
He is doing great.

I see pics of him every day on the Internet,
His name is Oliver,
We are so glad we rescued you,
And now happy to see you in good hands.

Sometimes we have to hold out our hand,
Help those in need,
In any way we can,
We all have something to offer.

Deep down I hope he will remember us,
We won’t forget him,
Oliver you touched our hearts,
And you will always be in them.

By bharatiauglay08


It is coming soon.
Listen to scary tunes.

Time to get treats.
But not too many sweets.

Time to be scared.
The fun won’t be spared.

People decorate their homes.
And children go out and roam.

Pumpkins are carved.
Many around to be observed.

All is spooky.
Some masks are droopy.

Let’s go out and have fun.
Remember it when it is done.

By bharatiauglay08

Morning Time

Morning Time,
Time to get up.
Morning Time,
Have that morning cup.

Morning Time,
Time to Celebrate.
Morning Time,
The day will be great.

Morning Time,
Time to Cheer.
Morning Time,
Good day has appeared.

Morning Time,
Need to shower.
Morning Time,
The day has power.

Morning Time,
Get out, hear the birds.
Morning Time,
They sing their morning words.

Morning Time,
Best time for me.
Morning Time,
Lots to be done you see.

Morning Time,
Start my day.
Morning Time,
Good things will happen today.

By bharatiauglay08


Changes are part of our life,
We should not be scared.
We may not always be prepared.

Changes are part of our life,
Need to let go,
Follow where the wind blows.

Changes are part of our life,
Find happiness with it,
Feel like you are in bliss.

Changes are part of our life,
Hopefully they are good,
Just like a change should.

Changes are part of our life,
So we should accept them,
And make the most of them.

By bharatiauglay08

Appreciate the Beauty

Appreciate the beauty in what you see,
Some of it is hard to believe.

Appreciate the beauty in the flowers,
Which grow better with a good shower.

Appreciate the beauty in the sky,
Looks good in our eyes.

Appreciate the beauty in the moon,
It sometimes disappears too soon.

Appreciate the beauty in the stars,
They often have a nice spark.

Appreciate the beauty in the weather,
We can’t enjoy it forever.

Appreciate the beauty all around,
Looks good up and down.

By bharatiauglay08

Letting Go

You came to us
For a short time
And touched our hearts.

Now on to a new home
You won’t be forgotten
Happy you are in good hands.

Hard to let you go
But was the right thing to do
We will always remember you.

You touched our hearts
Showed us love in your own way
And it is time to move on.

Take care little one
You’ll always be in our hearts
We have done what is best.

By bharatiauglay08

Perfect Timing

Everything happens at the right time,
No need to rush it,
No need to force it.

We meet the right person,
Who has the right intention.

We get the perfect job,
Not working with snobs.

We find the right place,
It is not a disgrace.

We are in great health,
Clothes may need a belt.

We aim for these things,
It is what life brings.

They are possible,
Not obstacles.

So keep on trying,
It is worth striving.

By bharatiauglay08

Little One

Little one
Let’s sleep by each other.
Little one
Let’s dream together.

Little one
Let’s cuddle together
Little one
Lets help each other.

Little one
You hold a special spot in my heart
Little one
We are never far apart.

By bharatiauglay08