Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato I like you,
But here I have eaten you in different ways.

For in Korea, we have…
Sweet Potato cake,
Tried it this morning for the first time,
I like it.

Sweet Potato pie,
This a friend made for me on my birthday,
It was really good,
Couldn’t even tell it was sweet potato,
Except for how heavy it was,
Couldn’t eat a lot of it.

Sweet Potato Pizza,
This I thought was strange,
But I was amazed at how much I did like it.

Sweet Potato Latte,
Now this I have yet to try,
I am nervous,
Wonder if I will like it or not.

By bharatiauglay08

3 comments on “Sweet Potato

  1. About 7 years ago, I first had sweet potato in shepherd’s pie.
    It tasted great, better than the regular potatoes I thought.
    I remember my friend trying to hide it.
    She mixed together potatoes and sweet potatoes.
    But she hide the sweet potatoes, just so her husband would still eat it.

    Then 5 years ago, they came out with sweet potato fries with curry mayonnaise dip.
    This was strange at first, but then I really liked it.
    The more I ate it, the more better the taste.
    It really grew on me.

    But now I am here in Korea.
    They have different ways of eating sweet potato.
    Things I never would have imagined.
    Sweet potato pie, which is great.
    Taste a lot like pumpkin, just heavier.
    But that is good since you eat less.
    Then they also have sweet potato cake.
    Tried this for the first time the other day.
    I was nervous at first, but it was good.
    I have yet to try the sweet potato latte.
    The name is strange for me.
    But I imagine I will like it too.

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