Each day

Each question,
Has a different answer.

Each person,
Has different looks.

Each book,
Has a different ending.

Each day,
Is not the same.

Each person,
Can be your friend.

Each day,
Can be a happy one.

Each road,
Deserves to be traveled on.

Each lamp looks different,
But the light is the same.

So treat people,
The same way that you want to be treated.

By bharatiauglay08

Rainy Day

Rainy day, took a nap,
Warm soft blanket, and my cat,
Was such a nice time.

By bharatiauglay08

A decision

Each mistake,
Is more of a decision,
A way to learn,
Don’t be afraid of it,
Just learn from it,
We learn each day,
In different ways,
Even young children can teach us,
My students teach me every day,
I am glad,
We are sharing,
And making decisions,
Not mistakes.

By bharatiauglay08

A Blessing

The world is great,
Better and brighter,
Cause we make it special,
You and I,
Being different,
It is a gift,
Cherish it,
Capture it,
Don’t let go of it,
Enjoy what you have,
Enjoy who you are,
Enjoy what is around you,
You are awesome,
Be happy,
Each day,
It is a blessing,
The world is blessed,
By you being here in it.

By bharatiauglay08

A hug

A hug,
Best type of drug.

A hug,
Makes us feel better,
Warmer than a sweater.

A hug,
Always good to receive,
Better than we perceive.

A hug,
Feels good,
Just like it should.

A hug,
Best thing to cure,
This is for sure.


By bharatiauglay08


Value who you are,
Value your beliefs,
Value what you do,
Value how you look,
Value these things,
And others will value you,
They will appreciate you for you,
No need to change,
Just shine.

By bharatiauglay08

Fall is here

You can tell fall is here,
Temps get a bit colder.

You can tell fall is here,
It is darker earlier.

You can tell fall is here,
It is chilly at night.

You can tell fall is here,
Mornings are nippy.

You can tell fall is here,
Warm drinks are popular again.

You can tell fall is here,
Leaves slowly turn colour.

You can tell fall is here,
Some people catch a cold.

You can tell fall is here,
The clothes are out in the stores.

You can tell fall is here,
And I like this time of year.

By bharatiauglay08

A new friend

I made a new friend,
A 7 year old girl,
She was very cute.

She came to me,
Asked if I from Vietnam,
She said it in Korean,
I spoke back,
In broken Korean,
Told her I was from Canada.

She was very happy,
Went to tell her father,
I felt like I was a star,
Think I was the first Canadian she met.

She then played ball with me,
We threw the ball back and forth,
For almost 10mins,
Till she had to go home,
Felt like a kid again,
Great feeling.

By bharatiauglay08

When will it be enough

When will it be enough,
For us to all love each other,
We are sisters and brothers.

When will it be enough,
To show kindness to everyone,
We are all the same in the long run.

When will it be enough,
To reach out and share,
Show people we care.

When will it be enough,
To spread our love,
Just like God dreamed of.

When will it be enough,
To give others what we got,
That is what we were taught.

When will it be enough,
To be in a happy place,
Where we all embrace?

By bharatiauglay08


Happiness is not about how you look,
Any age can read a comic book.

Happiness is not about the money you make,
It is about each step that you take.

Happiness is not about the job you do,
It is what is in your heart that is true.

Happiness is not about the way you dress,
All ages have emotions to express.

Happiness is not about where you live,
It is what you are willing to give.

Happiness is about who you have become,
It is how you help each and every one.

By bharatiauglay08