If you care,
You should share.

We all can give,
Helps others to live.

Not a question of what’s mine,
We are all in line.

Sometimes others lack,
What is in our sack.

So reach out,
Be a good scout.

You’ll feel great,
No need to hesitate.

We all are like one,
That is where we started from.

Then we can feel love,
And no lack of.

By bharatiauglay08

A Mom

A mom,
The greatest gift of all.
A mom,
There even when we don’t call.

A mom,
Something we all need.
A mom,
Always does good deeds.

A mom,
Always by my side.
A mom,
There like a guide.

A mom,
I forever treasure.
A mom,
Is a pleasure.

A mom,
My best friend.
A mom,
Will love her till the end.

By bharatiauglay08

Our Parents

No matter what,
Parents still love us.

Look back at things I have done,
When I was young.

I was not a doll,
At all.

I was the oldest,
But always wanted to be noticed.

So I wasn’t good,
At times when I should.

I gave my parents trouble,
It wasn’t subtle.

My siblings I would yell at,
I was a total brat.

But looking back now,
My parents did have a cow.

But they were still calm,
There was no bomb.

Years went by and I realized,
My parents were quite civilized.

So no matter what,
Parents love us somewhat.

They are great,
Glad to have them to this date.

By bharatiauglay08

An Angel

An angel,
Looks over you.

An angel,
Cares for you.

An angel,
Can bring you peace.

An angel,
Helps you to release.

An angel,
Lifts you up.

An angel,
Has so much love.

An angel,
Brings you joy.

An angel,
There’s no need to employ.

An angel,
Is soft.

An angel,
Works at no cost.

An angel,
We all need.

If you look,
You will find an angel indeed.

By bharatiauglay08

A home

When you are home,
You are in your zone.

You feel comfy,
And not dumpy.

You feel peace,
In your nice seat.

You feel relaxed,
You can just kick back.

You feel happiness,
Not sadness.

Time is your own,
Especially when you’re alone.

And you feel love,
Which is what a home, consists of.

By bharatiauglay08


In the summer,
Many complain about the heat.

In the spring,
Many complain about their allergies.

In the fall,
Many complain about having to rake the leaves.

In the winter,
Many complain about the cold.

Why can’t we just be happy,
No matter what the season is.
They are all beautiful and
We should appreciate something,
with each of them.

I am happy,
Living in a county,
Where I can enjoy,
All four of the seasons.
Summer, Spring, Fall and Winter.

By bharatiauglay08


In life there are so many pretty colours.
Green for the leaves,
Yellow for the sun,
Blue for the water,
White for the air, and snow,
Black for the night,
Red, Purple, Pink for the flowers,
Orange in some of the vegetables,
Nature such beauty.

By bharatiauglay08

Take Time

Take time in your day,
To enjoy things that are good.

Take time in your day,
To have a good sleep.

Take time in your day,
To eat good meals.

Take time in your day,
To treat yourself.

Take time in your day,
To give yourself a break.

Take time in your day,
To notice yourself.

Take time in your day,
To notice the good you do.

Take time in your day,
To just be you.

By bharatiauglay08

What If

What if I was prettier?
What if I was richer?
What if I was stronger?
What if I was skinnier?
What if I had longer legs?
What if I was smarter?
What if I had more friends?
What if I was younger?
What if I had a handsome boyfriend?
What if I was famous?
What if, What if, What if?
Would you be happier?
Why not just be happy as you are.
That is the best person to be.

By bharatiauglay08


Let’s smile,
Let’s sing,
Let’s dance,
Let’s jump,
Let’s enjoy,
Just have fun.

By bharatiauglay08