I am so glad.

I am so glad,
We met,
Our friendship,
Had no sweat.

I am so glad,
For our times,
Each one,
Was a great time.

I am so glad,
We took the chance,
Each time,
Our friendship enhanced.

I am so glad,
For you, my friend,
I found,
We had a good blend.

I am so glad,
It is not goodbye,
I feel that,
One day we’ll cross by.

By bharatiauglay08

Take the chance.

Take the chance,
To be you,
And do your best,
See things through.

Take the chance,
To find your home,
A comfort place,
That you can roam.

Take the chance,
To enjoy your day,
Be happy,
Find a way.

Take the chance,
To shine,
For there is no need,
To whine.

Take the chance,
To call an old friend,
I am sure,
You will be content.

Take the chance,
The chance to fly,
For there is no need,
To really cry.

Take the chance,
To explore,
For life,
Should not be a bore.

Take the chance,
To be free,
Find happiness,
That is key.

Take the chance,
To relax,
We always need,
To just sit back.

Take the chance,
It is always there,
You can find it,
Feel like a millionaire.

By bharatiauglay08

English Summer Camp

I honestly will be sad,
When summer camp is done,
Not sure I remember,
Having so much fun.

The students,
They shine,
They are,
Really devine.

I hope they,
Have learned something new,
And will remember this,
For a long time too.

We have,
Written stories,
Made sandwiches,
And soon bingsu too.

Today we,
Decorate Eggs,
It is poetry.

Friday it will,
Be the end,
Our time,
Has been well spent.

By bharatiauglay08


Thanks for your friendship,
Thanks for your smile,
Thanks for your presence,
It travels for miles.

Thanks for your kindness,
Thanks for your hugs,
Thanks for your help,
It filled my mug.

Thanks for voice,
Thanks for your charm,
With you,
I was never alarmed.

Thanks for being around,
Thanks for your time,
You helped me realize,
This passion of mine.

By bharatiauglay08

I know

I know,
You are here,
You are not far,
Even when I can’t see you.

I know,
I can find you,
I can reach you,
We will still be near.

I know,
If I look into the sky,
You will be there,
You are by my side.

I know,
I know,
You will never be far,
Never far from my heart.

By bharatiauglay08


How can I find you?
Where are you hiding?
What do you want from me?
What do you need me to know?

I need you,
You help me shine,
So please come back.

What do you have for me?
Behind which door can I find you?
What, Why, How and When?

Please come,
Please be my friend,
Please guide me,
Then I will feel whole,
Then I will feel like me.

By bharatiauglay08

I am a teacher.

I am a teacher,
Usually works for pleasure,
To see my students shine,
It is a leisure.

I am a teacher,
Want my students to learn,
And be happy,
So they want to return.

I am a teacher,
Who cares,
And never,
Will I compare.

I am a teacher,
Proud of the chance,
Hope my students,
Will enhance.

I am a teacher,
So glad I made the choice,
It is one,
That I rejoice.

A teacher,
Is a pleasure,
Should be a job,
To one’s leisure.

A teacher,
Hard to measure.

By bharatiauglay08

I promise

Each day, I promise,
I promise to do my best,
Smile, be happy, feel good,
Try not to be stressed.

I promise myself,
Work on my dreams,
See them, feel them,
And then achieve.

I promise myself,
To laugh,
Both on mine,
And others behalf.

I promise myself,
To try not to cry,
There is always hope,
We just have to try.

I promise myself,
To be strong,
To always feel,
Like I belong.

I promise myself,
To take the quest,
Challenge myself,
Then enjoy the rest.

I promise myself,
To be glad,
For each day,
That I have.

By bharatiauglay08

A Reunion in S. Korea

Angie she stayed,
Bharati and Elaine came back,
So they will reunite,
and Shine,
They will set a date,
and have a blast.

By bharatiauglay08


A cloud,
The sun,
A moon,
A star,
So beautiful,
Makes me want to dance,
It makes me feel happy,
Happiness all around.

By bharatiauglay08