I wait.

I wait for the yes
I wait for the no.

I wait for this
I wait for that.

I wait for the right
I wait for the wrong.

I wait for today
I wait for tomorrow.

I wait for you
I wait for me.

Should I keep waiting
Will it let me be free?

By bharatiauglay08

I have trust.

I have trust
It is in you
Also in me.

I have trust
In the world
As well in truth.

I have trust
As a child
It helped my youth.

I have trust
In my life
And things I see.

I have trust
In my parents
And their thoughts.

I have trust
In those around me
Who love me a lot.

I have trust
In the moon
And the stars.

I have trust
In the two of us
And what is ours.

I have trust
My trust
I should hold.

I have trust
And this trust
It is not cold.

But most of all
My trust
It is in me.
And all the things
That I have seen.

By bharatiauglay08

Happens for the best.

Everything it happens for the best.
For the mind that is the test.
Sometimes it is hard to close a door.
Because we don’t know what it is for.

In our lives we take paths,
Sometimes we ask where we’re at.
We don’t always find out why,
But hopefully we know we tried.

As one door is being closed.
Often another is proposed.
Usually best to put things to rest
Move on, and don’t be depressed.

Our life will shine in another way.
And often we will be amazed.
Move on and wear a smile.
Often that is more worthwhile.

By bharatiauglay08


You come in many forms.
But anger
You don’t shine, you storm.

It should disappear.
Don’t like seeing tears.

Not the best way to be solved.
Better things can be evolved.

I don’t like your sight.
You just are not right.

You should go away.
Don’t come back, I pray.

You are not my friend.
Just please, please end.

You should not exist.
You need to be fixed.

It is better to smile.
And show love to each child.

By bharatiauglay08

Need to go home.

I need to go home
Where I feel best
Where I can rest.

I need to go home
Make my own food
Be in a better mood.

I need to go home
There I can be a mess
At home I am blessed.

I need to go home
So I can play with my cat
She will be happy about that.

I need to go home
Take a shower, and feel clean
Then I am better to be seen.

I need to go home
To where comfy slacks
Then I can feel more relaxed.

I need to go home
Where I can take my time
And see things that are mine.

I need to go home
Where my things are
Then I feel close, not far.

I need to go home
To things that I know
Home is where I can glow.

I need to go home
That’s my favourite place
There I have a happy face.

I need to go home
That is what I say
Please take me home today.

By bharatiauglay08


Sometimes it is a way to find peace.
Can also be a way to find grief.

It can mean darkness.
It can mean fear.

It may mean you need time.
It can also mean you are fine.

Sometimes it speaks.
Other times it screams.

It is the loudest word.
It is hard to be heard.

It is a brief pause.
We don’t always know the cause.

It is hard to take.
It is a hard case.

But Silence,
I think you need a friend.
Then Silence,
You can hopefully end.

By bharatiauglay08

Seize the moment.

Let me take your hand,

For life it is short,

Seize the moment,

Put it in a bottle.

Make it all last,

No need for it to go fast.

There should be no regrets.

Nor should I feel upset.

Enjoy what life has brought,

Reach out, take a good shot.

Trust in the future,

And don’t think of the past.

By bharatiauglay08

What shall I do?

What shall I do?
What will be my next step?
What is best?
Should I go left or right?

Which path is best?
The road with bumps?
The road which is flat?
The road I took last week?

I think now I am adult.
I can handle what comes my way.
For I now know what is best.
I know all of life’s secrets.
About money and about people.
So I can make my own decisions.
I can go through the transitions.

Either way, I know I will make mistakes.
But it is a chance I have to take.
My life it will change.
But hopefully it will be good.
Others around me can be pleased.
For they did a good deed.

By bharatiauglay08


You look in a mirror,
What is it you see,
It is you, or is it me?

In the mirror,
Most they don’t like their looks,
But appreciate it, like a good book.

Don’t ask the mirror,
Who is pretty or kind.
I think you know, in your mind.

Outside the mirror,
As well as inside,
Love yourself, have pride.

Today look in the mirror,
Be glad for who you are,
Enjoy life, like a movie star.

Smile in the mirror,
Do you very best,
Remember to feel so blessed.

By bharatiauglay08


For some it’s good health.
For others it maybe wealth.

Maybe on your wedding day.
Or also a nice rose bouquet.

Could be when you graduate.
Or also finding your soul mate.

Can be your first day at work.
Or a salary raise as a nice perk.

Perhaps it is caring for others.
Like our dear sisters and brothers.

It is different for us all.
Go out and find what’s your call.

By bharatiauglay08