Off to bed.

I am off to bed,
It is quite late,
Now just after 11:30,
I’m in a tired state.

I’ll get under the covers,
Rest my head down,
Slowly I’ll fall asleep,
Won’t hear a sound.

Morning it will come soon,
Hopefully I feel swell,
I can get out of bed,
When I hear that alarm bell.

By bharatiauglay08


Good Morning,
It’s Thursday,
Everyone enjoy it,
Have a nice day.

Friday is soon here,
You will love that,
Cause after Friday,
Weekend’s here so fast.

The weekend,
We love,
We have time,
To do things,
We were thinking of.

By bharatiauglay08


For breakfast,
Biscuits and tea.
Hot Earl Grey tea,
And warm biscuits,
I’m filled with glee.

Warm biscuits,
Also make a good snack.
Taste good with butter,
And keep me coming back.

Many ways to make biscuits,
Ones of different shapes,
With nuts or candies on top,
When eating them,
After one, I just can’t stop.

And with biscuits,
It is fun to share,
So have one with me,
Sit by me, pull up a chair
Come and join the fun affair.

By bharatiauglay08


There is a mosquito in my room,
He needs to fly and just zoom.
For I don’t want him here,
So he should just disappear.

He belongs in another place,
Maybe in outer space.
There he may be wanted,
But here, here he’s daunted.

By bharatiauglay08

Listening is an art.

To listen is an art,
You listen from the start.
We should listen well,
So there is no need to yell.

To listen is an art,
We should be smart.
Here all the details,
So we know the whole tale.

To listen is an art,
We want to get all the parts.
No one will have to repeat,
And everything will be sweet.

To listen is an art,
We should do it from the heart.
Give it our best shot,
So we know others thoughts.

By bharatiauglay08

I hear the rain.

Pitter, patter, I hear the rain.
It waters our garden,
It helps keep the soil soft,
It fills our hearts with music.

Pitter, patter, I hear the rain.
It washes the trees,
It kisses the leaves,
It surprises you with a shower.

Pitter, patter, I hear the rain.
It comes wandering from the clouds,
It splashes on the footpath,
And it sings and unheard song.

By bharatiauglay08

Write a Poem

When all else fails,
I write a poem.
My friends perhaps,
They prefer to roam.

But poetry,
Makes me feel glad.
So if I write a poem,
Nothing can go bad.

Others can read,
And enjoy it.
Hopefully also,
Embrace it, bit by bit.

So if you are at home,
With nothing to do,
Then why don’t you
Write a poem too.

By bharatiauglay08


Life is happy
Life is fun
Life is sharing
Sharing it with the one.

Life is special
Life is joy
Life can bring you children
Perhaps a girl or a boy.

Life has gifts
Life also has hopes
Life has challenges
We face and cope.

LIfe is mine
Life is yours
Life, enjoy it
With open doors.

By bharatiauglay08

Ray, Ray

Ray, Ray he’s our mate
Ray, Ray he is great.
Ray, Ray he is kind
And also has a great mind.

Ray, Ray we don’t want you to go
But for you, it is time, we know.
Ray, Ray you will be missed
The times we will cherish, like our first kiss.

Ray, Ray you will always be our friend
Right up until the very end.
Ray, Ray you will also be in our heart
Whether we are near or far apart.

By bharatiauglay08


After my supper,
I want dessert next.
If you offer me ice-cream,
I won’t object.

For I love ice-cream,
Ice-cream with chocolate sauce.
Also candy sprinkles,
And a cherry on top.

Ice-cream it tastes good,
And makes me feel swell.
Well what flavor?
Anything is fine, as well.

Sometimes with choice,
Too many, makes it hard.
So if someone else does it,
Then we are caught off guard.

And the dessert,
It can still be enjoyed.
Eat it, smile,
Be happy and overjoyed.

By bharatiauglay08