Strawberries, strawberries galore.
Eating one is a bore.
Here you taste so nice.
Farmers sell you, at a good price.

In the market, you are there.
This place, that place, everywhere.
All look good, all look nice.
Almost all are the same price.

But now your time is almost at the end.
Soon I will meet a new fruit friend.
Hopefully the taste is just as sweet.
And that will also be a treat.

By bharatiauglay08

Lost Dog

The lost dog,
I often see.
Are you lost,
Or moving freely.

For on you,
I’ve seen no name.
And I feel like,
It is a shame.

As I go to work,
You go by.
You are cute,
So I wonder why.

You are not alone.
Others follow
In your zone.

So maybe,
You don’t mind.
As you found
Friends of your kind.

By bharatiauglay08

A Unicorn.

Magical, mystical characters are thee.
White fur, long hair, perfect and free.
I can look at you for a while.
As you move miles and miles.

To me, your features just shine.
Looking at you, is devine.
Both in night, and in day.
In my mind, you will stay.

You can be by the water or a tree.
But glowing, glowing are thee.
I see you as I close my eyes.
And to dream of you, is a prize.

By bharatiauglay08

For me, it’s tea

I love to drink my tea.
Coffee too, but prefer tea.
So many kinds to choose.
For me, not an easy cruise.

I live the herbal ones best.
With lemon, adds a nice zest.
Peppermint, Rooibos and Chai.
They are a few, I have tried.

Also enjoy Ginger, Jasmine, and Lemon.
Drinking tea, I am in heaven.
It is hard for me to decide.
I look at them and sigh.

When I am in a coffee place,
It can never be a race.
I look at all the teas.
This will not be a breeze.

Finally, I walk up.
She hands me a cup.
Today, what will it be?
One Jasmine tea, please.

By bharatiauglay08

Lump in my bed.

There is a lump
A lump in my bed.
Oh wait, wait
Is it my head.

No, actually
It’s my cat.
She sneaks under
While it is flat.

It is fun to watch
She takes her paw.
Lifts up the blanket
Slowly goes under
Leaving a small flaw.

I have to be careful.
I come home
Wonder where she is.

Oh wait there
There is
A lump in my bed.

Careful where to sit
Careful where to put my bag.
I can’t always tell
Unless a tail wags.

But still
She’s very cute.
Cute how she
Goes under in a scoot.

We wouldn’t change her
For anything.
She is a joy
That life brings.

By bharatiauglay08

The Sea

Today, today I went to the sea
I saw the flowers, and felt the breeze
I saw trees, ships and people too
And the water it was dirty, but still blue.

So peaceful out there
Nice, clean, fresh air
One of my favourite spots
To have so many thoughts

People walking enjoying the day
And the sunshine that comes there way
Spring it’s a beautiful time of year
Enjoy it before the winter is near.

The water, see the way it flows
Sun is out and the wind softly blows
Outside nature is so good
Shines, shines like it should.

Brings beauty to our eyes
Never holds any lies
The sea, the place is right
Sun is out and shining bright.

Great day to enjoy the fresh air
Glad I was out there
Was nice to be outside, have some fun.
And the perfect day to enjoy the sun.

By bharatiauglay08

A little mouse

There once was a little mouse.
He lived in a far away house.
He walked through the house, without a sound.
He would eat, all the food that he found.

One day he looked out the window.
He thought, out there I must go.
He stood on a stool and reached for the door.
Slowly in time it opened more and more.

Once outside he was free.
He shouted out with glee.
Outside there was so many things.
Oh what joy life brings.

I am glad to be out.
I can now go about.
I can see things, like never before.
I am starting to learn more and more.

So if there is something you need to do.
Go ahead and venture out too.
You never know what you may find.
As you slowly start to unwind.

By bharatiauglay08

A necklace

A necklace
Green, Blue, Red
Many colours
On a thread.

Looks so pretty
Looks so nice
And each
With its own price.

Some they shine
Others they glow
And on our necks
The beads, they flow.

Each necklace
It has style
Women wear them
For a while.

Both in day
And in night
We wear them
With such delight.


By bharatiauglay08


Music makes me happy,
Puts a smile on my face,
When I hear music,
It takes me to a new place.

I like to hear a song,
A song that I know,
It makes me smile,
And helps me grow.

Music it is nice,
Helps to make the days,
More better, and brighter,
In so many ways.

By bharatiauglay08

He is the one.

I have someone by my side,
In the good times and bad.
He is a real good man,
He is the one, he makes me glad.

I need to thank him,
He has done so much.
I do hope he knows
I love him, very much.

He has always been kind,
He has never done me wrong.
He is truthful too,
He has even sang me a song.

When I need advice,
He guides me.
When I need a break,
He lets me be free.

Thank you my dear,
With all of my heart.
Glad you are with me,
And we are near, not apart.

By bharatiauglay08