Banana Bread

Banana bread,
You smell so sweet.
Banana bread,
You are a treat.

Banana bread,
You are easy to make.
Banana bread,
You are better than cake.

Banana bread,
People have different things they add,
Banana bread,
Both nuts,or chocolate chips are not bad.

Banana bread,
You smell so nice.
Banana bread,
Hard to have just one slice.

banana bread

By bharatiauglay08

Student Motivation


children singing




Student motivation is the topic here,
So listen up, and lend an ear.
The teachers need to have passion,
To give the students motivation.

Pick what you like from the book,
Make sure to give it a good look.
The teacher should stay calm,
Perhaps even lead the students in a song.

We want the students to come to class,
And make sure their motivation lasts.
In the classroom, the students are the key,
But the teacher should guide them, just not set them free.

The topic should relate to daily life,
So we get the students hype.
And I hope you enjoyed this presentation today,
And got something that you can convey.

By bharatiauglay08

Black Spaghetti

Black spaghetti was on the menu for today,
This is very good, as they say.
Had a brown gravy steak sauce,
With linguine pasta over top.
They have given it a strange name,
Which to me is such a shame.
The taste is actually very good,
Once you get past the looks.



blackbean noodles

By bharatiauglay08

Pastries of Korea

Pastries of Korea

The pastries of Korea are quite bizarre,
The range of ingredients go quite far.
I have tried ones that are nice and sweet,
Contain similar ingredients to those we eat.
But they also have ones with ketchup, relish and mustard
Now for me this idea is quite absurd.
Another one I tried had corn,
To me this also seems foreign.
My advice to you is simply this,
Korean pastries are a hit and miss.
So go the bakery with an open mind,
As you never know what you may find.



korean pastries

By bharatiauglay08

Ode to Kimchi

Ode to Kimchi

Ode to Kimchi,
Oh how I fear thee.
Quite different from what we eat,
And you definitely are not sweet.
Since you are pickled, you are more sour
Which sometimes makes you hard to devour.
As times comes along,
You won’t seem so wrong.
And I am sure I will like you,
Just as the others here do.




By bharatiauglay08

My friend Jen

easter cookies


I have a friend.

Who’s name is Jen.

She can do something really neat,

With all sorts of different treats.

She is very good with baking cakes,

And she definitely has what it takes.

She’ll make you cookies, crepes, and even pies.

If you have something new, she will give it a try.

She’s even good at making meals.

You can get them in the mail, with a seal.

So if you need something that you want done,

Give Jen a call, she is sure to be the one.

By bharatiauglay08

I like to Run…




I like to run,
Others think I am crazy,
But for me it is fun.
I like to run,
More in cool weather,
But also in the sun.
I like to run,
It helps with stress,
And also to release my fears.
Then when I am done,
I can even cheer.
I like to run,
More in the day
But also in the early night,
It doesn’t matter
So long as there is still light.
I like to run,
It is more fun with a friend,
We can motivate each other,
And celebrate at the end.
So if you like to exercise,
And want to try something new,
Why not try to run,
And you may like it too.

By bharatiauglay08