Take one more step

Take one more step,

Each day,

You will be,

On your right way.


Take one more step,

Don’t wait,

To do what you want,

See it and create.


Take one more step,

To reach that goal,

Close your eyes,

See it as a whole.


Take one more step,

And be proud,

When you are done,

You can shout out loud.


Take one more step,

To reach for the stars,

You will see,

They are not that far.
Take one more step,

See your dream,

It is not as hard,

As it may seem.
Take one more step,

To make life great,

So that,

You have cleaned off your plate.


Take one more step,

So you can shine,

Just to see,

You are in line.


Take one more step,

To do your part,

And make sure,

It came from your heart.

By bharatiauglay08

School Life

Was the start,
Of a new life,
My School life.

I have enrolled,
To take,
Business Management,
From Herzing College,
Here in Ottawa.

In doing this,
I promise,
To do my best,
Each day,
Always work hard,
In my ways.

I want,
The days ahead,
To please me,
Make me proud,
Move away,
From the storm clouds.

My work,
Will not,
Be a mess,
I want it,
To be neat,
So that,
I am happy,
When everything,
Everything’s complete.

I will do,
My best to,
Complete my homework,
And promise,
To do my best on tests,
So that,
Everything is,
Done to the best.

In the end,
This way,
When I finish,
It will all be great,
And I will have finished,
Completed all,
That was on my plate.

By bharatiauglay08


I had dinner,
At a friend’s place,
The food,
Had such great taste.

She made me,
Korean food,
We had a nice time,
While we dined.

We spoke,
About memories from Korea,
Our times there,
It was,
A great affair.

I enjoyed,
My time,
At her place,
With her, her husband and son,
It was a lot of fun.

It was a great way,
To remember Korea,
And my time spent there,
What I had learned,
The places, I had been,
The day, had a great theme.

For a short while,
I felt like,
I was in Korea again,
It was hard,
When the end came.

By bharatiauglay08


Each and every day,
Brings a new way.
We take different actions,
Leading to satisfaction.
We are in search for an answer,
New things will happen after.
It is part of our inner quest,
Each day, different from the rest.
But it is something we should do,
To make our day true.
Creates fulfillment,
And brings enjoyment.
Feel blessed,
As we take this quest.

By bharatiauglay08

Feel Blessed

Today is beautiful,
The sun is shining,
It will be a good day,
A good day to remember,
I am blessed,
I have so much,
I have food to eat,
I have clothes to wear,
I have a roof above my head,
I have friends,
Who have become like family,
I have nights,
Which have become mornings,
I have dreams,
Which have come true,
So today,
And every day,
I am going to try,
Try to remember,
To feel blessed,
I am blessed,
I feel really blessed,
Blessed beyond measure,
And so each day,
Is something,
Something I should treasure.

By bharatiauglay08


I had a great teacher,
When I was in Elementary School,
She was a teacher, who was cool.

She showed kindness when she taught,
She had a special place in our hearts,
With her, we always felt smart.

She was always there to help,
Help us with our next task,
We didn’t even have to ask.

She stands out with me,
Still to this day,
She had, her own special way.

I just want to say thank you,
I hope that you know,
For me, you will always glow.

After all these years,
I still remember your touch,
As you gave so much.

It is because of you,
My talent for poetry grew,
And became so true.

Today, I am happy,
That I can write,
As it brings me,
So much delight.

By bharatiauglay08

You Can

You Can,
Do a lot,
Just go out,
And give it a shot.

You Can,
Do what you believe,
Just close your eyes,
See it, you will achieve.

You Can,
You have to try,
There is no need,
No reason to deny.

You Can,
Do what you imagined,
You just have to realize,
And then take action.

You Can,
Achieve new things,
With each new day,
New things, we can bring.

You Can,
Do it,
If you dream it,
And believe it.

You Can,
It is possible,
There are few things,
That are unstoppable.

By bharatiauglay08

Every Day

Every Day,
It is like a gift,
We make,
A new shift.

Every Day,
Is a blessing,
We have things,
We need to be addressing.

Every Day,
Is new,
Clean, Clear,
Fresh and true.

Every Day,
New things arise,
We have to face them,
When we open our eyes.

Every Day,
It is amazing,
We should be praising.

Every Day,
Is ours to discover,
For every day,
Is like no other.

Every Day,
Is a pleasure,
And something,
We should treasure.

By bharatiauglay08

Four Seasons

I am glad,
We have four seasons.

In Spring,
We can see pretty flowers,
That blossom,
With the showers.
The colours are many,
I love to look at them,
Nice to see plenty.

In Summer,
We get the warm sun,
Big, bright and red,
Rises as the day has begun.
A time for a swim,
If it gets real hot,
That is always a win.

In Winter,
We can see the snow,
Fluffy and white,
Often shines and glows.
This is a happy time,
When family comes,
And everyone dines.

In Fall,
We have different leaves,
In Orange, Yellow and Red,
The appearance brings relief.
The air is crisp and new,
And the sky,
Is nice and blue.

I love each season,
Each is great and special,
And each gives us new reasons.

By bharatiauglay08

Friends Forever

I have friends,
Great, dear friends,
That will be with me,
Like family,
Till the end.

I have friends,
Who are kind,
They are like,
No other kind.

I have friends,
With whom I can share,
Things dear to me,
They are people,
Who I can’t compare.

I have friends,
Who see me,
As who I am,
Those are the kind,
We all need,
For they’re not a scam.

I have friends,
I can count on,
When I need a friend,
They’re the ones,
I call upon.

I have friends,
Who allow me to see,
Life as a whole,
In my heart,
They play a special role.

I have friends,
Who are the best,
They help me,
Figure out things,
At times,
When I am stressed.

I have friends,
When I think of them,
My days just shine,
As when I close my eyes,
I can see them in my mind.

I have friends,
Who are with me,
Through thick and thin,
These are the best friends,
That we all need within.

I have friends,
That will be mine forever,
And they are,
The friends that I treasure.

By bharatiauglay08